Dsl 2 plus

1. General
Monzoon DSL is a product of Monzoon Networks AG,
Various Internet access products. For the claim
Internet services and supplementary packages
(Online) subscriber contract, the present product description, the
Price list and general terms and conditions.
With the purchase of the services, the customer accepts the content of this service
Product description and other integrating components
Of business relations with Monzoon.
2. Scope of Services
The customer is supported within the scope of the technical and operational
Access to the Internet. The
Bandwidth speeds are carried out according to the principle “best effort”.
Depending on the distance to the local center and the quality of the
Copper cables must be expected to be impaired. The
Permanent availability of DSL is not guaranteed by Monzoon.
The installation and configuration of the customer’s PC or laptop as well
The positioning and installation of the customer router do not belong
And are not guaranteed.
3. Monzoon DSL internet access
Customer access to the Internet occurs when the customer has his router
Correctly connected to his PC or laptop, as well as the router
Is correctly connected to the local center. After that, the customer must
His / her username and password to log on to the
Monzoon DSL network to authenticate.
The router for the Monzoon DSL access must be provided by the customer himself
to be provided. If the customer buys a router with one
Once payment, the property of the router passes to the customer
about. All costs for maintenance and operation are therefore as well
To the customer.
4. Monzoon DSL Providing IP addresses
The user is informed of the duration of the claim
Dynamic IP address from the IP address space. The
Addressing is done dynamically, i. The respective IP address is stored at
Each connection structure is dynamic and for the duration of the use
A fixed public IP address can be ordered free of charge on request.
5. Email and Neutral Email Service Providers
Monzoon DSL does not offer its customers an e-mail service. Monzoon
DSL recommends to all its customers one of the access provider
Independent e-mail service.
6. Security
There is a risk of hacking and hacking over the internet
Virus attacks for PCs and networks. The customer is responsible for this
Responsible, that its systems with a constantly updated
Virus protection and firewall.
7. Monzoon DSL products
Monzoon DSL products have the following characteristics:
Monzoon DSL Services:
 Bandwidth varies according to offer (see offer and prices)
 Services are always “Best Effort”
 The Internet access router can be purchased from Monzoon
become. (See §3, Internet access)
 The one-off switching charge can be provided to the customer
Of a special offer.
 Monzoon DSL does not provide e-mail, firewall, or anti-spam services
 Technical or administrative support is provided only during
Office hours (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00, without
Public holidays of the Canton of Zurich).
 For the products with the corresponding note, a
Telephone connection provided by Swisscom.
Monzoon DSL Customer Agreement:
 The customer must sign a signed copy of the invoice
Subscribe to Monzoon or sign up for a
Online portal
 The amount for the ordered service is due from the
Time of connection of the Internet connection by Monzoon
At the switch – on point (UP) in the building which is used for the
Purchase order.
 The contract is concluded indefinitely.
 The minimum contract term is 6 full calendar months for
Postpaid and a full calendar month for prepaid products.
 The contract may be submitted in writing – taking into account the
Minimum contract term – with a notice period of 30 days
At the end of a calendar month.
Monzoon DSL Billing:
 All services are rendered monthly in advance in
 The customer does not pay his invoice within 10 days
As of the date of the invoice, Monzoon DSL reserves the right,
The customer’s Internet access until payment is made
to separate.
 A reminder fee of CHF 10 .– will be charged.
 After a second unsuccessful reminder, Monzoon will direct DSL
Prosecution against the customer. The costs for this are covered by the
Service Level Monzoon DSL:
Monzoon DSL is basically provided as a service level ‘Best Effort’.
This ensures neither bandwidth nor availability.
If explicitly mentioned, the Business Service Level applies
Of Swisscom or Sunrise, depending on the connected line type. This
Contains a reaction time guaranteed by Swisscom or Sunrise
During office hours as well as a prioritized connection and..

FAQ Dsl 2 plus

Prerequisites / General
Is Monzoon DSL the same as ADSL?
Yes and no – in Switzerland, various DSL technologies are available such as ADSL, VDSL or
SDSL. We therefore have called our offer only “Monzoon DSL”.
Why is there no private or business offers at Monzoon?
We consider this distinction to be quite arbitrary and often not suitable for your
Respective needs. You can easily find your ideal deal with speed and price
out …
What speed is coming with me?
The actually usable speed depends on different technical
Boundary conditions, such as distance to the nearest Swisscom headquarters, quality and age of the cables
And quality of the house installation. Which is then ordered by you speed
Configured accordingly, but it is not excluded if you are in a far-off
House, that even when ordering from 5000/500 Kbit / s only a speed of
600/100 kbit / s is actually usable.
Is there a volume limit when downloading or uploading?
No … neither when downloading (downloading data from the Internet to your own PC)
Or Upload (uploading data from your own PC to the Internet) there are volume restrictions
For data.
Do I have to have a Swisscom telephone connection?
No, if you do not want a telephone connection from Swisscom, you must also use it
Do not order. However, your home must have a telephone line cable, it must
But no contract will be active.
For more information see the keyword “Naked DSL”.
What does the wireless hotspot feature include?
Monzoon has been running wireless hotspots with public WLAN for many years.
At more than 600 locations, such as the airport and the exhibition center, in all McDonald’s
Restaurants, in many youth hostels, in the inner city areas of Zurich, Basel, Geneva,
Winterthur, etc. can be gone online with WLAN-enabled smartphones and laptops. With
The login and password for your DSL access you can also simultaneously in these hotspots
A connection without time and volume restrictions – your DSL connection is there
Of course.
Why is there no mailbox at Monzoon?
Virtually all our customers already have their own mail address. A mail address,
Which is tied to an Internet access, is also nowadays not recommended.
We therefore recommend the use of a free and free mailbox, such as, e.g. from
Www.gmx.ch is offered. Even if you change your Internet access, yours remains yours
Once selected mail address.
Technical questions
How do I configure my DSL router / mod?
If you bought the device from us, you will get it with your access data
If you are already using an existing device, please configure it using the
Operating instructions with the access data sent by us.
Who installed my Monzoon DSL connection?
If you already have a Swisscom telephone line, you can use your Monzoon DSL-
Connect the connector by our instructions. If you have a modem / router
The device is already preconfigured ready for installation.
Should you be new or not yet have a connection in your home
, Your local electrician will help you to connect your home connection –
This service is paid and is paid directly to the installer.
Please provide the installer with our information sheet.
Do I need to install a software on my PC?
No, the Internet connection is built over the DSL router / modem In general is
No software installation required on your PC.
Do I need to buy a modem or router?
No, if you already have a suitable device, you are welcome to use it. If you
Unsure are happy to ask you by mail: Contact
Do I need a modem or a router?
A modem is usually only suitable for connecting a single PC.
A router allows the connection of several PCs and laptops. We recommend using one
Routers, because you can also install a WLAN access point even your laptop or
Connect your smartphone wirelessly and simply to the Internet.
What makes the DSL filter with analogue telephones?
This filter prevents the interference of your analogue telephone with DSL signals. He is between
Telephone and your analogue telephone switched.
What makes the DSL splitter with ISDN telephones?
This splitter separates the signals of your ISDN telephone from the signal of the DSL router / modem. He
Is inserted into this Telefondose and contains two further connections for ISDN and DSL.
Does any DSL router / modem work?
ADSL, VDSL and SDSL is operated in Switzerland via a Swisscom Fixnet company
Infrastructure up to Monzoon. Only suitable devices can be used on this infrastructure